carpenter ants woodburn or

Keeping Unwanted Pests Out Of Your Home

October 8, 2019

The outside world is a great place to visit.  We have places all around that we can explore and enjoy.  However, there is a time when we want to return to our homes and enjoy the peace and quiet of our own self-contained world.  The problem comes in when the outside world wants to come into our space without our consent.  Many of these creatures are bugs, insects and even the dreaded carpenter ants woodburn or

Water sources

The primary reason an insect or bug will enter our homes is to locate a water source.  Just like humans all insects need water and food to survive.  Without these water sources available to them they will look elsewhere staying out of your home.

Trim trees

Trees are great to look at, they produce oxygen and bear fruit.  However, if they are close to your homes they can be used by insects as gateways to enter your home and become an annoyance.  Keep your trees trimmed, any rotting or dead limb should be removed and keep he leaves, and other debris removed from the base of the tree.  This collection can create moist environments for insects.

carpenter ants woodburn or

Seal openings

With silicone go around your home and seal up any cracks, holes or other entry ways that insects and unwanted critters can use to gain entry into your home.  We use silicone because it is a waterproof material that is also fluid.  This fluidity allows it to fill in the crack and when hardened makes an air tight seal.


Finally, keep wood and other building materials away from your home.  Having these materials near your home will encourage these insects to breed.  Many will use wood as a home and as such if it is close to your walls, they can gain entrance from cracks and other holes.