tree service western canada

Why More Trees Need To Be Planted

October 8, 2019

Call this a positive statement for the time being. The earth is not dying. It has already endured so much for millions of years, and who is to say that there will not be millions more to come. But it has to be said that at this point in time, the earth is burning. If it is allowed to carry on like this, it will eventually lead to a catastrophic loss of life, both flora and fauna, not even the tall, ancient trees would survive, and certainly not humanity.

And yet it is the trees that are being held up as the saviors of the world. The clarion call has already been made loud and clear to plant more trees, as many as you can. But collectively, people only have one pair of hands each. And yet. While all people are doing their modest bit to help save the planet, a tree service western canada truck, also loaded with capable men and their tools of trade, are busy making their rounds in residential neighborhoods and public parks in and around the province.

tree service western canada

A more expansive and resilient team perhaps is somewhere out in the woods taking care of the country’s precious national parks. And famous men and women, politicians, writers, actors and sportspeople, business leaders too, are putting their names to digital paper and pledging themselves to the commitment to plant more trees. For the time being, the signature has to be digital. Because every piece of paper needs to be spared.

Paper is derived from the mass production of all those trees that have already been hacked down. That needs to be restrained for a while until such time that trees have been planted in sufficient quantities.